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Haiga is haiku painting — the wedding of visual image to haiku.

The very best practitioners — Buson would be the nonpareil — have been masters, then, of two arts. Needless to say, only a few such artists have arisen in this challenging genre. But today haiga is practiced around the world, and in styles that would have amazed (and perhaps shocked) Buson and his kindred. The Haiku Foundation honors today’s masters by here offering galleries of their work.

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Haiga Galleries — Haiga of Ron C. Moss 2

This is Ron’s second haiga gallery in his distinctive style . . .
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Winding Road

Haiga of Pamela A. Babusci

Pamela’s strong brushwork is the primary characteristic to be found in her haiga . . .
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Haiga of Ron C Moss

Ron is as well-known for his distinctive book covers as he is for his haiga . . .
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Haiga of Stephen Addiss

Stephen is on of the most decorated sumi-e artists and calligraphers in the world . . .
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Haiga of an’ya

an’ya’s haiga feature strong natural images and simple but telling brushwork . . .
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