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Welcome to The Haiku Foundation’s Volunteer Appreciation Page! This is The Haiku Foundation’s gateway to our Volunteer Appreciation Initiative.

In 2021, The Haiku Foundation’s Board of Directors decided that formal appreciation of those who’ve volunteered their service and time to the Foundation was long overdue, and launched its Volunteer Appreciation Day in September of that year. Here, you’ll find information about this initiative, as well as updates on THF’s activities to honor the special individuals who have contributed so much to the Foundation and this website.

Each year, we will again recognize volunteers on The Haiku Foundation’s official Volunteer Appreciation Day. The Board of Directors extends a heartfelt “thank you” to our hard working volunteers past and present. Please take a moment to visit the Service Page which lists all volunteers.

And beginning in 2022, we will present The Haiku Foundation Volunteer Appreciation Anthology, featuring the work of many of our volunteers. Here, you will learn more about each individual and the many ways in which they have contributed to the success of the Foundation. We anticipate that you will enjoy reading and contemplating their fine work. A listing below provides information and links to each anthology.

Over the coming months and years, we have plans for more activities in recognition of THF volunteers, which will be announced as they unfold. We welcome your questions or suggestions for THF’s Volunteer Appreciation Initiative.

— Theresa A. Cancro
THF Volunteer Appreciation Chair
Member of The Haiku Foundation Board of Directors

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