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Haiga of an’ya


The Haiku Foundation honors the work of contemporary masters of the dual art of haiga: visual image wedded to haiku. This month’s featured artist is an’ya.

an’ya is a world-renowned poetess with more than 150 contest wins, 9 editorships (including haigaonline), 13 websites, 23 books to her credit, and judge of 50+ contests. She is the founder of numerous haiku/tanka societies, journals and haiku/tanka competitions. an’ya has been represented in over 200 various literary publications, and her work is translated into 95 different language dialects.

Artist’s Statement: A few of these haiga are new, but most have been slightly revised for 2020 and some of these have been previously published at daily haiga, moonset, haigaonline, and various other places around the internet and in journals. I use multi-media methods to create them, and although I consider myself to be more of poetess than an artist, I hope you enjoy these offerings thanks to the Haiku Foundation.

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