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The THF Haiku app has been updated for 2015, for iOS8 on the Apple platform. (If your mobile device is not compatible with iOS7 or iOS8, you need do nothing — simply continue to enjoy the THF Haiku app as you have been doing.) It now includes well over 1500 haiku from poets around the globe, showing the range of topics and form characteristic of today’s — not your grandfather’s — haiku! Shake your iPhone or other Apple mobile device and a new poem appears. Share your favorites with friends with a click.

Some recent additions were selected from the Per Diem feature for 2014. Thanks to all who allowed us to feature your work! Upgrade yours today by going to the iTunes store and downloading it — still free, of course. Download the app on your mobile devices here.

Red Dragonfly had this to say about the THF Haiku App on her blog:

“The Haiku Foundation, with their release of THF Haiku, their haiku app for the iPhone, has recently made waiting in line a task that is no longer fearful to me. I just pull out my phone, punch at the screen a bit to make the soothing THF Haiku backdrop appear, and then spend a relaxing few minutes shaking my phone (really, you just need to tilt it a little, so you won’t look completely insane in public) to see a new haiku with every shake. There’s a wonderful variety — 365 of them so far, with more promised for the future. Some I tilted into recently:”

midsummer solstice
the bonfire luring me back
to my maiden name
     — an’ya
the shadow in the folded napkin
     — Cor van den Heuvel
Every second, a tree, a bird, a chimney, a woman
     — James Kirkup

THF Haiku app will not use any of your personal information. It does not access profile data or information about your mobile device. It only accesses your e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter profiles for the purpose of posting haiku that you explicitly choose to share.

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