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The Haiku Foundation’s Events

International Haiku Poetry Day

April 17 is the day the whole world honors haiku. International Haiku Poetry Day occurs in the heart of the United States’ celebration of National Poetry Month. The Haiku Foundation encourages public events, including readings, exhibitions and competitions. It also sponsors events in three domains.

The Haiku Foundation Touchstone Awards

The Haiku Foundation, as part of its mission to expand possibilities for English-language haiku, created the Touchstone Awards Series in 2010. The goal: to reward excellence and innovation in the haiku genre. The Awards recognize work published during every calendar year.

The Haiku Foundation Annual Fundraiser

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our annual Fundraising Drive and help the Foundation continue its important work.

International Haiku Contests, Publications, and Groups

Sandra Simpson maintains the Haiku Contests, Publications, and Groups page for the New Zealand Poetry Society.

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