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Note to Teachers: Welcome to The Haiku Foundation Education Wall. We are beginning our area for Junior High School students with a list of selections from resources available for free, here at THF site. This video and reading list is designed as an Introduction to English-Language Haiku. Formal lessons for this age group are in progress. We look forward to working with you, and to reading new haiku poems by your classes. Thank you.

THF Video Archive

The Haiku Foundation Interviews: Ernest Berry

Ernest Berry is one of the leading haiku poets in New Zealand. He talks about his discovery of haiku, and what it has meant to his life. Jim Kacian interviewed Ernest Berry in New Zealand (2012). This interesting video is about 5 minutes long. It would be a good introduction to haiku for your students, along with the other videos in THF Video Archive.

The Haiku Foundation Video Haiga #5: windless morning by Jim Kacian.

Jim Kacian is the founder and director of The Haiku Foundation. Haiga is a combination of images and haiku. Video haiga is the latest incarnation of this ancient art. This beautiful video haiga is about one minute long. Since many students relate to visuals and music, this would be another good way to introduce haiku to your classes, along with the other video haiga.

Montage Galleries

Montage, a haiku online gallery, edited by Allan Burns and sponsored by The Haiku Foundation, is a rich resource of material for various classes. Haiku by a wide variety of poets can enrich many subject areas, in addition to the language arts. Examples include science, history, music, and the visual arts. Each gallery has its theme and usually includes seven haiku by three different poets. Readers thus become part of a conversation that spans many topics, times, and places.

Here are three examples of galleries:

Montage #8: Antipodes (Janice Bostok; Ernest J. Berry; Ron Moss). This gallery has an historical focus, along with haiku by the poets.

Montage #42: Winter I (Scott Mason; Ruth Yarrow; Lorin Ford). This gallery has a brief discussion of the seasons from a scientific view, as well as from a traditional Japanese haiku perspective; along with haiku by the poets.

Montage #43: Winter II (Martin Shea, Jim Kacian, Jack Barry). This gallery includes a quote from “The Dead,” by James Joyce; along with haiku by the poets.

Our formal lesson plans for Junior High will focus on Reading, Writing, and Sharing Haiku. We hope our content is useful and inspires the new generation of haiku poets!

Thank you for visiting our Education Page at The Haiku Foundation.

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