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Whether you are brand new to haiku or have already dipped a toe into Bashō’s pond, we are glad that you have found us.

The Haiku Foundation holds the largest online repository of English-language haiku in the world. More than 4,700 pieces of haiku and haiku-related literature are available in our digital library. Our website contains a wealth of information about haiku for practitioners of all ages. Our organization is also putting together an online encyclopedia of haiku, known as Haikupedia.

However, if you are new to haiku itself, so much information at once might feel overwhelming. Where do you begin? Our goal for this section is to welcome you into our community and to help sort this information to make things easier for you to find. Our first blog post tackles the surprisingly complex question, What is Haiku?

New to Haiku is a work in progress. You can find a summary page of our blog posts so far here. We plan to cover the following topics: introductory materials and recommendations for further reading, tips for editing your work and managing your submissions, ways to connect with the larger haiku community, words of advice from established haiku poets, and a teen corner for our younger friends.

Julie Bloss Kelsey and a dragonfly

If you have questions, or would like to see us tackle a subject that we don’t have planned, please contact us. We appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks for joining us on the haiku journey!


Julie Bloss Kelsey
THF Education Committee

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