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Al Fogel

Al Fogel

Born: May 11 1945 in Cincinnati Ohio, USA
Resides: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
E-mail: nicegy8508 (at) aol (dot) com

Began my haiku/senryu journey about a year ago. Thanks to The Haiku Foundation & the AHA forums, I was able to hone my work into publishable shape.

Awards and Other Honors: Runner-Up, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition (2011); Third Prize, Lyrical Passion Poetry Contest (2011).

Selected Work
Basho's frog. . . 
four hundred years
of ripples
April showers
should I sing
or run for shelter?
moonlit evening
my wife and I
holding hand-helds
dining alone
playing footsies
with the table leg
Bobblehead Day
pigeons in the bleachers
pecking seeds

Credits: "Basho's frog" - paper wasp (Winter 2011); "moonlit evening" - Prune Juice 6 (2011); "Bobblehead Day" - Runner Up, Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Competition (2011); The Haiku Calendar 2012 (Snapshot Press, 2011); "April showers" - paper wasp (Winter 2011); "dining alone" - paper wasp (Winter 2011).

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