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Henk van der Werff

Henk van der Werff

Born: January 1958 in Groningen, Netherlands
Resides: Hoogland, Netherlands
E-mail: henk (dot) vanderwerff (at) ziggo (dot) nl

I’ve been writing haiku since the beginning of 2013 and am interested in haiku (Japanese poetry), photography, and binding my own little haiku books. More of my haiku – in Dutch – can be found on my blog. I have been the secretary of the Dutch Haiku Foundation since 2015. My haiku and haibun have been published in the Dutch magazine Vuursteen [Flintstone], the quarterly magazine of the Dutch Haiku Foundation, and in The Heron’s Nest and Failed Haiku. My work has also appeared in the following anthologies: zeventienmaal Hollandse nieuwe (e-book by, 2015); 35 jaar jubileumbundel – HKN 2016 (2016); and Sneeuw haiku’s (e-book by, 2017).

Books Published: De wind vangen [Catching the Wind] (handmade, 2016); vluchtige woorden schrijvend [haiku, haibun, renga and photography] (2017).

Selected Work
on a tree trunk
a lost cat poster
cold night
dancing grebes pull up
their collars
blood tests
a water cooler bubbles
in the waiting room
after 50 years
granddad’s rooster 
in my neighbour's garden
frost flowers
the moon inside
my breath-mark
blown kisses
the goodbye as long
as the platform

Credits: English translations by Roberta Beary; "spring" - Failed Haiku vol. 2 17th issue (2017); "blood tests" - Failed Haiku vol. 2 17th issue (2017); "frost flowers" - Failed Haiku vol. 2 17th issue (2017); "cold night" - Failed Haiku vol. 2 17th issue (2017); "blown kisses" - The Heron’s Nest XIX.4 (2017).

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