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Workshop Your Art on Haiga Exchange

The Haiku Foundation announces Haiga Exchange, a new board now available on the THF Forum. Haiga Exchange is in response to a request from Grace Galton, who asked for a place to workshop haiga prior to submitting it for publication. You can do exactly that on Haiga Exchange. It’s easy to do, safe, and private. Simply log in to the Forum as a registered member, locate Haiga Exchange under “In-Depth Discussions,” post the haiga you’d like to workshop, and monitor your feedback. Why only registered members? This ensures your work will be seen only by other registered forum members, not the general public. Not yet registered? You can easily do it right on the site. Go to the forum for more details, and sign up today.

Do you have an idea for a Forum board? The Foundation generally adds new boards slowly, but is open to suggestions that help us serve our community better. Contact us with your ideas.

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