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What were your finds at HNA this year?

Oh, man! I missed the Nick Virgilio film as well! How did I manage that? There were so many things to discover at HNA2013 that I guess I had to miss some. This leads to the question, what were your finds at HNA this year?

I bought books by some poets I haven’t seen before, like Stanford M. Forrester, Dietmar Tauchner and Philip Rowland.

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  1. John Stevenson’s workshop was a delight – and a revelation about how haiku may be “distilled” from a larger narrative. Jim Kacian’s talk on organic forms for haiku. Steven Carter’s talk on hokku …. and all the great people I met, including some of my haiku heroes. I came away with some new heroes, new friends and a sense that I’m more or less on the right path – and can take comfort in knowing that others share the same ups and downs along their paths.

    My only regret is in being a little bit too shy to engage with some of the more intimidating (to me, anyway) participants.

    A marvellous occasion that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

  2. The Nick Virgilio film was wonderful! It was so well done that he felt like family by the end. There were so many fine presentations at the HNA 2013 that I’m still assimilating them. HNA was an excellent tribute to all who are enjoying, studying, and writing haiku. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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