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What if you miss a couple of days this NaHaiWriMo?

I have missed a couple of days this NaHaiWriMo. Does that disqualify someone or can they get back on the horse?

“If you miss a couple of days of NaHaiWriMo, you can always do your best to catch up, whether you follow the daily prompts on Facebook or not. The prompts are a communal inspiration, I hope, but the main point is to do your best to write haiku daily, to get into the haiku habit of seeing and observing closely, and then recording your experiences in haiku,” says Michael Dylan Welch, NaHaiWriMo founder and organizer.

And don’t forget, you can use the Twitter tag #NaHaiWriMo when tweeting.

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  1. Thanks for the Twitter tag… I don’t know about that prompt “nachos”… I think I may take a pass on that one! But for the most part I’ve found the prompts do open the door to some fairly decent haiku if you want to bother going through it to search the layers of resonences that come to you when you read the prompt. Although these do bring you out of the hectic hours of your day to come to haiku, it’s important to go another step further and see how far you can go with your writing. Only you can write your own slant. It’s important.

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