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Welcome back to HAIKU DIALOGUE – Opposites Attract

Welcome back to ‘Opposites Attract’

Hello – kj here – thank you for your patience! & thanks also to those of you who expressed concern, & missed ‘Haiku Dialogue’ during this time… we will be back with the column on Wednesday!

We will be running the post from 28 October on 11 November instead. We have one more prompt for ‘Opposites Attract’, & then we will be welcoming a pair of Guest Editors for the next few weeks…

When I created this theme, it reminded me of a poem I wrote about a spinning compass needle, so I included it here – how could I have known how appropriate it would be! I hope these words are still true for all of you,

I hope this draws you towards excellent haiku – the way the compass, even in these uncertain times, will always settle on ‘North’…

compass needle


see you Wednesday!

Lori Zajkowski is the Post Manager for Haiku Dialogue. A novice haiku poet, she lives in New York City.

Managing Editor Katherine Munro lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and publishes under the name kjmunro. She is Membership Secretary for Haiku Canada, and her debut poetry collection is contractions (Red Moon Press, 2019). Find her at:

The Haiku Foundation reminds you that participation in our offerings assumes respectful and appropriate behavior from all parties. Please see our Code of Conduct policy.

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  1. I shall miss you kj , but I hope someday , somewhere , somehow we shall meet on a new horizon where only the giving light guide us !

    guiding light . . .
    a reindeer searches
    for its lost antlers

  2. “Oh happy day!” I have so missed this weekly feature! Truly a bright spot during hard times.

  3. I really, really missed this site and the opportunity to write haiku based on your prompts. i checked every day to see if you were back online! i felt like I went through a haiku withdawal . So HAPPY you are back!!!!!

  4. Glad the site is up and great to hear from kj and the group. I’m looking forward to working together again.

  5. Knew something was missing! Now so good to be back though I’m having hassles with the Capcha which took 9 tries to get through and then popped up again when I Replied. I guess that’s all normal?
    Thanks for all you do kj and Lori.

  6. I am celebrating today, with the email that brought me back into the troutswirl.
    Felt totally adrift without kJ and Lori at my helm . . .

  7. Ah, the smile on my face – good to be back! Thank you, everyone managing this site, and this page _()_

  8. Dear kj and Company,
    Back into the pond! Thanks!
    In the words of a great Canadian haiku poet:

    don’t it always seem to go
    that you don’t know what
    you’ve got ’til it’s gone
    ~Joni Mitchell

  9. glad to see everything up and running ☺
    I don’t have to deal with capcha. Why is it that some poets do?

  10. So glad the website is up and running. I kept checking because I thought I was doing something wrong. Great day between USA election results and THF back!

  11. We have been missing you and the column a lot. It is a pleasure to know about what is going on. It is really tiresome running through the catcha. Couldn’t be easier ?
    Thanks for being.
    Love from Argentina,

  12. Welcome back, K.J. We have been missing you and the column a lot. It is a pleasure to know about what is going on.
    Thanks for being.
    Love from Argentina,

  13. Great stuff!!
    Welcome back!!
    Isolating is a lot harder to bear without THF!

    Suddenly the world has brightened up 😉

  14. Really missed this! So glad the site is back. Realized how hard it is to get along without it.
    Best to everyone!

  15. Good to see the THF site up & running though the captcha is quite tiresome.

    Missed our Haiku Dialogue with you!

  16. We missed you, kj. The haiku dialogue is a tranquil drop of water that soothes our souls, a clear pond, where we become reflections reflecting our true luminent selves. I love your verse!

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