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WE WANT YOU! to be our 2014 Per Diem Editor

The Per Diem feature, our daily poem, is now in its second year. The 2013
schedule is full of wonderful collections and we’re delighted to have so
many guest editors on our site. We are now in the process of considering
proposals for monthly themed collections for 2014. Interested? We’d love
to hear from you. What we need you to do is:

1) choose a theme

2) provide some idea of how the theme would work

You can get ideas of theme titles and topics from the roster below. A
couple of rules: editors may not use their own poems, repeat themes, and
no collection should be dependent on sequencing (poems will be selected
for display by a randomizer, so whatever order you put it in wouldn’t be
maintained anyway). That’s about it!

Send your idea to us. Use the Contact page to tell us what you have in
mind in a paragraph or two, and please include a couple of sample poems.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, and enjoy!

Stella Pierides
Per Diem Project Manager

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  1. Hi Don,

    It sounds very interesting! Please develop it into a paragraph or two, making the idea more specific, and send it through the contacts page. We can then take it from there.


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