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Welcome to Virals. There are a few different aspects to this section. First, I will introduce a much loved and appreciated poem (haiku/senryu) and provide some commentary on it. Next, and here is where the section gets fun, I invite the poem’s author to make the next selection, and add a few words of commentary as well. There are no restrictions as to what the poet can choose—living or dead, traditional or outré, male or female, American, Japanese or other nationality. I envision Virals as a place where we can create a virtual anthology of great 20th and 21st century haiku, with in-depth commentary that allow everyone to take a closer look at the decisions the poet made and the effects of those decisions. It will, of course, be interesting to see how long a cycle can go on. If a poet should choose a poem by someone that is no longer with us or cannot be contacted, then I will simply begin a new cycle. Lastly, the postings in Virals are alive, and you and other readers are encouraged to add your additional thoughts and ideas, commentary and opinions. I hope you will help me make Virals a section that is long-lasting and becomes a resource for poetry enthusiasts all over the world.
To begin Virals off, I have chosen a haiku by Jim Kacian. Why not start things off with the founder himself?

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