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Video Haiga: feverish

Jim Kacian has created two video haiga to the eclectic and compelling music of Daniel Lanois. This first, “feverish,” features “Two Worlds,” from the album Belladonna.

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  1. Having been “feverish” several times in my life from illnesses that strike and leave you in a world that swims around you, I think you’ve hit this right on! Perhaps we’ve gotten away from the meaning of “feverish” somehow if so many don’t see the wonderful way David has captured that feeling in his music. Many thanks.

  2. This inspires thinking about the word “feverish”: so often I think of that word as if it were completely synonymous with “frenzied”. This music evokes a state that is un-bidden/involuntary and fantastic. And the invitation to think of dreamed color is well-paired, I think. Thanks for sharing it, Jim.

  3. With the wonderful music, colors, and letter shapes of this haiga, Jim, I don’t feel agitated or afire. In fact, the opposite, calm and cool. What am I missing?

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