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Welcome to The Haiku Foundation video gallery. At present we are producing seven different kinds of films:

Click the links above to see videos in that category.

The video gallery was one of the first ideas we identified when we created the Foundation, feeling that we would like to offer not only a poet’s words to future generations, but his or her voice and presence as well. The project was expedited in 2012 via a highly successful IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaign that allowed us to purchase video equipment, editing software, and travel opportunities to meet with poets in a variety of setting. Read more about each series of videos below.

See also our HaikuLife video project.


Presentations of art, shikishi, haiga and other visual materials, ephemera and other kinds of collections of haiku poets that fit a haiku theme or would be of interest to our readership.


Shot in a variety of locations, our aim here is to have as complete a set of video interviews for active haiku practitioners in English as possible. Our first goal, however, is to capture the first generation of English-language haiku poets, those whose careers began from the late 1950s through the 1970s, on film.


Outstanding presentations from conferences and gatherings around the country and around the world. Some will be presented uncut, and some will be cut into smaller “specialty” outtakes.

Master Clips

This category will include outtakes from prominent poets on specific topics, as well as recollections on deceased poets whose lives and careers have made an impact on contemporary poets.


Corresponding with the interview series, the reading series seeks eventual completeness, but will focus initially on haiku poets from the first generation of English-language haiku poets.


The Haiku Foundation Reports is a kind of video news from the Foundation and others. We urge you to film your events and submit the video to us for consideration. Group readings, presentations and events are especially of interest.

Video Haiga

Contemporary creative work in this brand-new genre.

Call for Submissions: Use our Contact page to submit a link to your video haiga. We’ll consider it for The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our IndieGoGo campaign raised almost $7000.00 for the Video Wall. We’d like to thank the following donors, among others.

Melissa Allen

Johnny Baranski

Roberta Beary

Janelle Barrera

Thomas R. Borkowski

Nola Borrell

David Boyer

Shelly Bryant

Brett Brady

Steven Carter

Ion Codrescu

Elsa Colligan

Carlos Colon

Matthew Caretti

Steven Carter

David Caruso

Tom Clausen

Henry J. Coffey

Joyce Clement

Martin Cohen

Susan Diridoni

Rebecca Drouilhet

Taylor Epstein

Terri L. French

Richard Gilbert

Andrea Grillo

Carolyn Hall

Mark Harris

James Harris

Jeffrey Hanson

Peggy Heinrich

Cara Holman

Jim Kacian

Oleg Kagan

Antoinette Libro

Rebecca Lilly

Kengetta Long

Yinhong Lu

Eve Luckring

Curtis Manley

Patricia Machmiller

Scott Mason

Michael McClintock

Margaret McGee

Kate MacQueen

Charles Nethaway

Peter Newton

Kathy Nguyen

Nancy Nitrio

Kirean O’Connor

Ellen Olinger

Victor Ortiz

Tadao Okazaki

William Pauly

Ellen Peckham

Stella Pierides

Lidia Rozmus

Rebecca Rust

Susanne Schindler

Laura Sherman

David Steele

Petya Stefanova

Carmen Sterba

John Stevenson

Stevie Strang

Michael Rehling

Chad Robinson

Rebecca Rust

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

Michelle Tennison

Cor Van Den Heuvel

Marilyn Appl Walker

Paul Watsky

Harriet Terry West

Barrow Wheary

Billie Wilson

Peter Yovu

Ted van Zutphen

Two donors wish to remain anonymous.

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