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Vandana Parashar

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Haiku of the Day for June 2024 features Guest Editor Vandana Parashar’s collection on the theme of Repetition. Here are her thoughts on this theme.

It’s said that in a poem as short as haiku, every word is important.

Each word carries an enormous weight of heightening poetic tension by virtue of its placement. What if in such an economic scenario, some words are repeated?

Contrary to the brief that they’ll jar the poem, they sometimes elevate the poem from ordinary to extraordinary. My intention is to present you all with 30 such poems.

Let the words do the talking and convince you that they deserve the repetition.


—Vandana Parashar


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  1. .
    rush hour the train station cornea by cornea

    Alan Summers
    Second Prize,
    The Australian Haiku Society Spring Haiga Kukai: Non-Seasonal, 2017
    judge Ron Moss

    Feature/Interview: Tete-a-Tete: Alan Summers
    Wise Owl literary journal (April 2022)

    whiptail monoku series:
    Reading One-Line Haiku with Kat and Robin: Blurring the Boundaries
    (March 2023)

  2. blue sky
    question and answer
    blue stream


    feather by feather,
    nests are borne, born. he sweeps
    the path to her door


    apple tree blossoms
    wake up. the kitchen tap leaks
    drop… by drop… by drop…


  3. Looking to the repetition examples! 🙂

    Here’s that had three repetitions rather than just two:

    house clearance
    room by room by room
    my mother disappears

    Alan Summers

    Winner, Touchstone Award 2016 (The Haiku Foundation)
    Shortlisted: Museum of Haiku Literature, Tokyo, Japan
    First Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 26.1 (March 2016)

    Anthology Credits:
    The Signature Haiku Anthology ed. Robert Epstein (Middle Island Press 2020)

    2018 Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology / L’anthologie 2018 des membres de Haïku Canada ed. Marco Fraticelli and Philomene Kocher

    old song: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2017
    ed. Jim Kacian/Red Moon Press Editorial Staff

    Per Diem ed. Dave Read (The Haiku Foundation Friday 28th June 2019)
    Per Diem ed. Anna Maris Per Diem (The Haiku Foundation October 2019)

    Signature Haiku ed. Robert Epstein (Middle Island Press 2020):

    “My mother died long after my father, and so her influence was even stronger. I felt that the repetition of “room” was necessary. The process to prepare the house for sale was emotional, and also heartbreaking, it was closing something in me.” –Alan Summers

    vidage de maison
    pièce après pièce après pièce
    ma mère disparaît

    French translation by Serge Tomé
    Tempslibres – free times haiku database
    Analyse de la structure d’un haïku
    by Serge Tomé

    Touchstone Award Winner 2016 Judges’ commentary:
    “When I read haiku, I’m looking for an unexpected view on the well-known. I’m curious to learn about an open secret (after Robert Spiess). I’m looking for a simple (but not banal) and lucid language that expresses something extraordinary within the ordinary, something which I never read before in that way as well as something that is of beauty beyond time. ‘house clearance’ represents the pure power of haiku. Layers of meaning ascending from deeper layers of the mind (‘room by room by room’) in relation to existential truth (‘my mother disappears’). Perhaps one finds a human contradiction: memories can only get preserved vividly after “clearance.”
    “An emotional and vivid image that brings sadness at first reading while effectively pointing out that taking away the physical doesn’t remove the memory.”


    Diane Wakoski
    Renée Owen
    Michele Root-Bernstein
    Gary Hotham
    Ron C. Moss
    Dietmar Tauchner

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