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Update on The Haiku Foundation Forum

Over 200 people have registered with The Haiku Foundation forum since we launched it two weeks ago. The discussions are going well, and many people are having their say about haiku.

Here are some highlights from this week:

Mentoring —You’ll need to register and log in to see the Mentoring board, which is a place where you can workshop your haiku. Recent topics include Counting Ducks: My First Bash at an Innovative Haiku. It’s kind of fun when someone quotes an authority and the authority drops in to chat.

Share Haiku—This is a board where you can share haiku with others, either one of your own or a haiku by another. Many posts this week.

In-Depth Free Discussion Area—Recent topics include Concerning English Short Poetry (over 96 replies).

Periplum—Periplum is devoted to 20th and 21st century haiku from around the world. It is presented by David G. Lanoue. David’s most recent topic is about Yūmu Yamaguchi.

Religio—Religio is devoted to the intersection of haiku and religious tradition. It is presented by David Grayson. David’s most recent topic is unity.

To access the forum, click the Forum tab in the main menu.

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