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Two ladybugs on a fireplace mantel

Two ladybugs on a fireplace mantel

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  1. it’s an amazing photo.
    the trophy-like implications of the towering shiny metal make it for me.

  2. The photo is certainly a wordless haiku in its own right, and Merrill’s haiku-in-words is a perfect complement to it–but her haiku can also stand alone as a little gem of a poem pointing far beyond lady bugs to the general human predicament. Thanks for both.

  3. The object on the mantle is shiny and imposing, but there is no life in it.
    Our eyes go to the lady bugs, especially the one toppled over. Like Merrill,
    we may be concerned about the bug because it is small, vulnerable and
    in need of help. This photo is a haiku in itself. One that pulls us in and reveals
    our compassion for the living or our lack of interest.

  4. How is it I feel the distress of the ladybug on its back?

    upside down
    no explaining the view
    to my friend

    Interesting photo. Merrill

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