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Touchstone Distinguished Books Award: this year's panel

In 2010, The Haiku Foundation launched the Touchstone Awards with the aim of expanding possibilities for English-language haiku by encouraging excellence and innovation. Each year since, we’ve received a large number of inspired books. How to do justice to them? We do so only with the help of a panel of extraordinary people who give their time, energy and dedication to the Awards. THF does not screen the books received, except for eligibility. Each panelist is therefore asked to do a great deal of reading, through two reading periods that occur over several months.

This year’s Touchstone Book Panel:

Francine Banwarth, Stuart Quine, Chad Lee Robinson, Alexis Rotella, and Peter Yovu

We extend to them our heartfelt thanks. View the panel profile at our Touchstone Distinguished Books Award page.

The recipients of the 2013 Awards will be announced in April.

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