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Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems: this year's panel

The Haiku Foundation annually awards a small selection of English-language haiku published during the previous year. We put a lot of effort into building a process that will work and be fair. The name of the Awards reflects our aspirations. We hope to one day look back on the selected poems and call them touchstones. Not an easy task, some may say impossible. Why try? In choosing, we hope to learn something about ourselves and what we value.

Much depends, therefore, on the person entrusted with the choice. Perhaps too much. More than a single beholder, then. A group of innovative poets with open minds, records of excellence, and the ability to appreciate the varied nuances of English-language haiku. Six people with diverse experience and complementary talents, as in this year’s panel:

Dee Evetts, Paul Miller, Lenard Moore, George Swede, Barbara Louise Ungar, and Diane Wakoski

Many thanks for their great enthusiasm and generosity!

To view the panel profile, please follow this link to our Touchstone poem awards page:

Recipients of the 2013 Awards  will be announced on April 17th.

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