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Touchstone 2012: Eve Luckring


Eve is a recipient of a 2012 Touchstone Award for Individual Poems. See them all in the 2012 Touchstone Archives.

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  1. Hummingbird haiku have become increasingly popular. Here is one by me, albeit as a 3-line haiku:

    I pull its colors
    to create my own state

    Publications credits: see haiku here (haiga #531, 2011); haijinx IV:1 (2011); The Humours of Haiku (Iron Press 2012); Does Fish-God Know (YTBN Press 2012)

    A one-line version would make it a different read, perhaps a quicker read, if that was preferable:

    hummingbird I pull its colors to create my own state

    warm regards,


  2. Eve’s poem, which I like very much, made me think also of Jim Kacian’s

    the whirr of the hummingbird all i could see

    (from NOON 5, 2007)

    – perhaps an interesting point of comparison/contrast…

  3. This is one of those rare poems that now lives inside of me. Many thanks to you, Eve.

  4. Congratulations, Eve. A hummingbird appeared in the yard here recently, so I can picture your poem – though I could not have thought of it. I had just put the red poinsettia from the holidays and new geranium by the back door.

    The touchstones are beautiful too! Good to read all the poems.

    Thank you, Ellen

  5. I loved this poem at first sight. It was one of the first monostich poems to be published by The Heron’s Nest. There is an entirely other, additional quality to it here – written in stone!

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