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Today is International Haiku Poetry Day!



Today is our global day of celebration of all things haiku, International Haiku Poetry Day 2018. Here’s the schedule of events:

HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival 2018

badge_haikulifeHaikuLife 2018 features HaikuLife Format (17 segments of 17 seconds each: view our demo); Video Haiga (treatments of individual poems or short series of poems); Free Format (pretty much anything goes); and Feature Format (anything longer than 10 minutes).

EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration

badge_earthriseJoin poets from around the world by contributing to the world’s largest collaborative poem. This year’s theme, taking its cue from The Audubon Society’s Year of the Bird, features a poem by Ampū. We began at midnight at the International Dateline and will run until midnight here on the East Coast of the US.

Local Haiku Celebrations

badge_ihpdMeet with fellow poets to share the genre we all love. Then tell us about it, in words and pictures, and we’ll share the festivities here with everyone!


The Touchstone Awards

And of course we announce here the winners of the Touchstones for 2017:


The Touchstone Distinguished Books Award for books published in 2017

     • John Brandi & Noriko Kawasaki Martinez. A House By Itself: Selected Haiku of Masaoka Shiki (Buffalo NY: White Pine Press).
     • Chuck Brickley. earthshine (Omskirk UK: Snapshot Press).
     • Terry Ann Carter. Tokaido (Winchester VA: Red Moon Press).
     • Scott Mason. The Wonder Code (Chappaqua NY: Girasole Press).

Honorable Mentions

     • Kristen Deming. plum afternoon (Winchester VA: Red Moon Press).
     • Paresh Tiwari. Raindrops Chasing Raindrops (Delhi India: Red River Imprint).

The Touchstone Award for Individual Poems for poems published in 2017

          the sound of someone
          unwrapping flowers
                    — frances angela (Acorn 38)
          nightfall —
          moths the color
          of the dying pine
                    — Cherie Hunter Day (Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Contest 2017)
          prairie sky
          the depth
          of a sigh
                    — Rajandeep Garg (Modern Haiku 48.3)
          their ancient hum
          to sunrise
                    — Michele L. Harvey (The Heron’s Nest XX:3)
          as if they know
          they won’t last
                    — Sharon Pretti (Frogpond 40:2)
          its gentle push
          on the curtains . . .
          summer night
                    — John Shiffer (Acorn 38)

We will honor each of the winners over the course of the next several days with their own posts, and commentaries on their winning work.

Be a part of it — celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day, April 17.

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  1. What a wonderful honor! I echo Chuck’s gratitude to the judging committee members, the Foundation and all the well-wishers who’ve left comments here. Congrats as well to all those shortlisted for both honors. I plan to celebrate by ordering the four books above I don’t already own, plus several others from the shortlist!

  2. Big gratitude to the judges of the Touchstone Distinguished Book Award, and to The Haiku Foundation for making this award possible. Congratulations to all those whose books and individual poems have also received Touchstone awards and honorable mentions for the year 2017. I am deeply honored to be counted among you.

    In haiku spirit,

  3. ‘Nevertheless, she persisted’…
    Congratulations to Kristen Deming and Terry Ann Carter.

    And to the other Touchstone Distinguished Book Award and individual winners, well done!

  4. Dear Terry,
    You make us Red Mooners proud. Congratulations to
    you and the other Touchstone Distinguished Book Award (and individual poem) winners.
    I look forward to reading your book.
    All the best,

    1. Thank you, Kala. I still remember your very kind invitation to “perform” Chiyo-ni at your World Haiku Festival in India. Hope to see you again at the next HNA.

      Be Well,
      Terry Ann

  5. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for your graceful congratulatory note. I join you in sending congratulations to Red Moon, Terry, Scott and the other winners.
    Happy Haiku Day!
    All the best,

  6. Many congratulations all round, to Individuals and Distinguished Books… the latter, a particular thumbs up to Terry Ann and Kristen, my fellow Red Mooners, and to Scott for his great anthology.

    1. Hello Helen, fellow Red Mooner…I love this! makes us a band of mischief seeking poets (which perhaps we are!!) Thank you for your kind support!

      Be Well,
      Terry Ann

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