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Today Is International Haiku Poetry Day 2024!



Today is our global day of celebration of all things haiku, International Haiku Poetry Day 2023. Here’s the schedule of events:

HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival 2024

badge_haikulifeThe Haiku Foundation this year screens HaikuLife offerings in HaikuLife Format (17 segments of 17 seconds each: view our demo); Video Haiga (individual poems or short series of poems); and Free Format (pretty much anything goes).

EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration

badge_earthriseJoin poets from around the world by contributing to the world’s largest collaborative poem. This year’s theme, following our recent astronomical wonder, is Eclipse, with Issa’s sardonic poem as seed. We began at midnight at the International Dateline and will run until midnight here on the East Coast of the US.

Local Haiku Celebrations

badge_ihpdMeet with fellow poets to share the genre we all love. We know there are more of these happenings going on, but this is all the info that’s been sent to us:


Nepal: Rajesh Bajracharya

International Haiku Day is celebrated worldwide with various activities focused on Haiku Literature and festivals on April 17 each year. In Nepal, नेपालभाषा मंका: खल: यल Nepalbhasa Mankakhala Yala and Newa Haiku Khya (नेवा: हाइकु ख्य:) jointly organized a special Haiku Recital event participated by 51 poets (19 female and 32 male) from various districts within the valley.
The event chaired by the President of Nepalbhasa Mankakhala Yala, Mr. Hirakaji Maharjan was graced by the presence of Deputy Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Office, Ms Manjali Shakya (Aastha) Aastha Shakya who inaugurated the event as its Chief Guest. She highlighted the importance of such event to promote local dialect, expose talents and mark the value of Haiku from Nepal to the world stage.
The event highlighted renowned poet and literatary figures Dr. Anand Joshi and Dhruva Madhikarmi as Special Guest and Guest of honor respectively who commented on the Haiku recited by the poets as well as the history and philosophy of the Haiku Literature.
The event highlighted native language – #Nepalbhasa – and thus all Haiku were written and recited was themed as Newah Haiku Recital Program where the poets recited 5 original Haiku each that were selected out of 10 each submitted to the organizing committee about a week ago.
Mr. Suresh Pradhan Yala , President of Newah Haiku Khya spoke on the institutional effort of organizing Nepalbhasa Haiku since 2020 and its regular monthly virtual meetings with its growing members as well as recent publications. Mr. Dil Bahadur Chitrakar “Tuyu Pu:” who was the coordinating poet on selection committee praised the efforts and highlighted the process of selection of final 5 Haiku for recital.
Over 35 poets recited their poems including recorded audio/visuals sent by those living abroad. The event was anchored by Mr. Rajesh Bajracharya, Coordinator of the event as well as executive member of Nepalbhasa Mankakhala Yala नेपालभाषा मंका: खल: यल. He expressed gratitute to the participating poets, guests and Newa Suchana Kendra supporting in live streaming the event. The organizers thanked Municipal Ward 16 chair – Mr. Nirmal Ratna Shakya who committed to arrange financial support for the publication of the Haiku recited as requested by the event organizers.


Sri Lanka: Subhashini Jayatilake

Celebrating the most important day in the haiku world, many Sri Lankan haiku poets gathered at one place face to face and virtually via zoom on April 17.

Discussion went around history of haiku,  history of haiku in Sri Lanka, the books published by Sri Lankan haiku poets and also celebrated our successes.

The event commenced with the chairman of Sri Lankan haiku association, Palitha Senarathna addressing the attendees.



Huntsville AL: Peggy Bilbro

On my Alabama mountaintop we have a group called the Village that serves our elder folks who want to grow old in their own home. I was invited to present a program on haiku at their April monthly mingle, which offered a perfect opportunity for my International Haiku Day activity! Our group of twenty senior citizens first explored  what haiku is and what it isn’t, then had a fun time writing some collaborative haiku. Each attendee had a note card on which they wrote the first line of a haiku, then passed it to the person on their left, who wrote the second line, and finally to the next person who wrote the last line and was encouraged to make any changes needed to pull it together. We then passed the cards to the fourth person who read the haiku aloud. The response from everyone was very positive. They went from being apprehensive about having to write a poem, to laughing and enjoying the process and creating some nice haiku. Below are just two from their haiku writing activity.
a slow rain
falls on the meadow
reflection of a swaying branch
ferns unrolling
in the deep forest
the smell of earth

Be a part of it — celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day, April 17.

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  1. Thank you Jim and all THF team for what you do. I just started to view this year’s Film Festival. What an absolute treat. I lost myself there for a while and look forward to viewing more in a quiet moment. I must away and tell the rest of my group to find some time in their day to grab a beverage, put their feet up and allow themselves to enjoy the beautiful presentations.

  2. like Christmas
    IHPD once a year –
    yet haiku, everyday

    Happy IHPD (and NPM) 2024 to us all every one,


  3. Haiku:
    not the size of the package,
    the surprise & quality within.

    — Michael Virga, a reader-writer & former teaching poet, celebrating NPM & IHPD again in 2023

  4. Haiku groups across Australia connected on Zoom to share their original haiku. Lovely to be a part of this wonderful growing genre.

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