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Today Is International Haiku Poetry Day 2023!




Today is our global day of celebration of all things haiku, International Haiku Poetry Day 2023. Here’s the schedule of events:

HaikuLife Haiku Film Festival 2023

badge_haikulifeThe Haiku Foundation screens HaikuLife offerings in 5 modes: HaikuLife Format (17 segments of 17 seconds each: view our demo); Video Haiga (individual poems or short series of poems); Free Format (pretty much anything goes); Feature Format (a talk or presentation); and Student Films (wherever the imagination take us).

EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration

badge_earthriseJoin poets from around the world by contributing to the world’s largest collaborative poem. This year’s theme, in this time of political, religious and civil strife, is Reconciliation, with a poem by Chiyo-Ni to lead us off. We began at midnight at the International Dateline and will run until midnight here on the East Coast of the US.

Local Haiku Celebrations

badge_ihpdMeet with fellow poets to share the genre we all love. We know there are more of these happening, but this is all the info that’s been sent to us:


Oroslavje (Croatia): Franjo Ordanić

The Oroslavje, Croatia, Town Library will celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day by announcing its 7th national contest “Haiku kraj mogile”. This year theme is Ember.
Also, Sandra Šamec (photographer) and Franjo Ordanić will offer two photo-haiga workshops for third and fourth graders and their mentors.
These photos are from their workshops held last week in March.

Oberlin (NC): Lenard D. Moore

Lenard D. Moore will read with a jazz ensemble during Poetic Jazz Performance, Oberlin NC on April 11.

Be a part of it — celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day, April 17.

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  1. Haiku:
    not the size of the package,
    the surprise & quality within.

    — Michael Virga, a reader-writer & former teaching poet, celebrating NPM & IHPD again in 2023

  2. Haiku groups across Australia connected on Zoom to share their original haiku. Lovely to be a part of this wonderful growing genre.

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