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Time Is Running Out! Nominate a Favorite Poem for a 2021 Touchstone Award

Thanks to all who have nominated haiku for the 2021 Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems. For those who haven’t, time is running out — we’re down to our last two weeks. Please send us two of your favorite English-language haiku published during 2021, one of which may be your own. Nominated haiku must have been published for the first time in 2021, and may have appeared in a book, print or online journal, or the results of a haiku contest. The Touchstones are awards, not contests, so only work published in these ways is eligible. In addition to your nominations, we will, as in previous years, solicit additional nominations from journal and book editors from work they have done during the award year. Please use our online form.

Current and past award recipients are showcased in the Touchstone Archive. Check it out to see what previous Touchstone Award-winning poems have looked like. And you can find more information on eligibility and how to submit nominations in the Touchstone Poems Awards information page.

We look forward to your nominations!

Bruce H. Feingold
Coordinator, Touchstone Awards

Robin Smith
Associate Coordinator, Touchstone Awards

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  1. For some reason I encountered two different sites and forms to enter my nominations. The first was less clear and formal, the second was a google form that a friend had used. I only intended to submit once. The google form seems to be the better form, even though the other one also acknowledged my submission. Please ignore any submission but the google form. Thank you.

    1. Hi Christa!

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We did receive both of the submissions. Not to worry – all duplicates are tossed out. We’ve got your nominations recorded.

      Thanks for participating!

      Robin Smith
      Associate Coordinator
      The Haiku Foundation Awards Committee

  2. Two nominations from the August 2021 Geppo:

    the first wave
    cicadas high-pitched calls
    in summer grasses
    -Patricia Prime

    summer grasses
    the cow’s yellow ear tag sways
    as she chews her cud
    -Roger Abe

    1. Hi Clysta!

      Unfortunately, we can’t accept submissions via the blog page. If you will please fill out the Google form in the link below, we will gladly get your submissions recorded.

      Thanks for participating!

      Robin Smith
      Associate Coordinator
      The Haiku Foundation Awards Committee

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