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This Week in Haikupedia — June 21, 2020

The Haiku Foundation announces the debut of Haikupedia! Each week for the next several months we will release a few new articles in our ever-expanding encyclopedia of haiku. These we hope will give you a sense of the potential scale of this enterprise, as well as entice you to become a part of the project.

We begin this week with a long biographical article on Japanese master poet Kobayashi Issa. We present the full English text of the Matsuyama Declaration, a landmark in the establishment of “world haiku.” Our featured country this release is New Zealand, not least because of their supremely executed management of the Covid-19 pandemic. You will also find short biographies of this week’s featured writers, David G Lanoue and Sandra Simpson, as well as the several people behind the start-up of Haikupedia: Editor in Chief Charles Trumbull, Managing Editor Stella Pierides, Photo Editor Iliyana Stoyanova, Haikupedia (and Haiku Foundation) Website Manager Dave Russo, and THF Founder and President Jim Kacian.

We welcome your participation! If you would like to be a part of this important project, please contact the editors using our Contact Box below. We have a need for all levels of expertise, and will look forward to finding the right niche for you!

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  1. A venture brilliant giving us an opportunity into reading articles
    and short biographies of writers. For us lovers and contributors of
    haiku, a new podium; kudos to haikupedia and good luck
    in the years to come.
    Thanking all those individually responsible for this venture.
    My special thanks to president and Haiku Foundation founder

  2. I agree with Mr. Newton and thank those who are developing this endeavor. Am looking forward to what comes next.

  3. A brilliant idea. Literature has been a part of human civilization. Haiku has a special entity being a connecting string between nature and mankind. The tiny poem is the nucleus of the world of literature.
    I shall be happy to contribute a bit for this mammoth initiative.

  4. Excellent. I look forward to it. I hope more and more people get involved.
    This is a grand group effort to provide an encyclopedia of haiku. Many of us have something to contribute to help complete the full picture. An effort that will be on-going . . .

    Thanks to those behind the scenes.

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