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This Month in Haikupedia — November 28, 2021

The Haiku Foundation welcomes you to Haikupedia!

Among the newest items on the site is a group of four short write-ups on major figures in the history of American haiku: L. A. Davidson, James W. Hackett, Elizabeth Searle Lamb, and Raymond Roseliep. This week you’ll also find bios of British poets David Bingham and Dee Evetts. In addition, the Bulgarian haiku poets Sofia Filipova and Iliana Ilieva are now featured. Further on, peruse the details of two Canadian contests: Prix André-Duhaime and the Marianne Bluger Book and Chapbook Awards; as well as tidbits about the U.S.-Japan Conference on Haiku Poetry held in San Francisco in 1987.

We welcome your feedback and involvement. If you have suggestions, comments, or note any errors, please contact the editors using the Haikupedia Contact Box. We look forward to reading your reactions to and ideas for this important project!

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