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This Month in Haikupedia — March 27, 2022

The Haiku Foundation welcomes you to Haikupedia!

To cap off the first week of spring, we begin with several short bios: British writer Susan Lee Kerr; American haiku poets Francine Banwarth, Alanna C. Burke, Natalie Goldberg, Christopher Patchel, Sharon Rhutasel-Jones; and Polish-American poet and artist Lidia Rozmus. In addition, we take a close look back at two HNA conferences: Haiku North America 1993—Livermore, California and Haiku North America 2015—Schenectady, New York.

We welcome your feedback and involvement. If you have suggestions, comments, or note any errors, please contact the editors using the Haikupedia Contact Box. We look forward to reading your reactions to and ideas for this important project!

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