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This Month in Haikupedia — January 28, 2024

The Haiku Foundation welcomes you to Haikupedia!

Vandana Parashar‘s short bio (India) and the Polish Haiku Association’s European Kukai (2013-2022) are the newest additions to the database. Also, we’ve updated the European Top 100 Haiku Authors (2011- ) and the Polish International Haiku Competition (2011- ). With Janus in mind this month, remember that you can look back at past Haikupedia launches from the Haikupedia archives page. Looking forward, in 2024 we plan to add more comprehensive articles to keep you reading!

We welcome your feedback and involvement. If you have suggestions, comments, or note any errors, please contact the editors using the Haikupedia Contact Box. We look forward to reading your reactions to and ideas for this important project!

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