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This Month in Haikupedia — December 31, 2023

The Haiku Foundation welcomes you to Haikupedia!

As we ring in the new year, new Haikupedia articles anticipate material of interest on many fronts during 2024. We start with the short bio of New Zealand poet Jenny Fraser. A number of articles detailing prestigious contests will whet your appetite to learn more about the competitive side of short-form poetry, including these American Awards: the Haiku Society of America’s Harold G. Henderson Haiku Awards (1976- ), Haiku Northwest’s Francine Porad Award (2004- ), and The Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards (2010- ); as well as the Romanian Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest (2012- ); and the Japan-based Morioka International Haiku Contest, English Section (2019- ).

We welcome your feedback and involvement. If you have suggestions, comments, or note any errors, please contact the editors using the Haikupedia Contact Box. We look forward to reading your reactions to and ideas for this important project!

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  1. A great haul, Theresa, thank you!

    It’s terrific to have the winning poems accessible though the years, an attractive opportunity to reflect on their evolution. And on the nature of competitive poetry.

    Many thanks to you and Charles (Charlie) Trumbull for all the work on Haikupedia, such a valuable resource.

    1. Thank you, Keith, for your very kind words! It’s wonderful to read that you find the new articles of interest and Haikupedia overall to be a valuable resource. Thanks, too, to Iliyana Stoyanova, the third member of our editorial team, and also to all contributors. We’re grateful for your assistance.

      Happy New Year to all!

      Best regards,

      1. Ah yes, to Iliyana too – moreover our splendid editor and current President of the British Haiku Society!

        A Happy New Year to all.

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