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This Month in Haikupedia — August 29, 2021

The Haiku Foundation welcomes you to Haikupedia! We have more material to help you to dig deeper into all things haiku!

You’ll find a variety of new bios and articles: The short biographies of Bulgarian poets Stoianka Boianova and Minko Tanev, along with an in-depth article about the very active Haiku Club Plovdiv; bios of Australian haijin Ron C. Moss and several American haiku writers: Robyn Hood Black, Judson Evans, Jennifer Hambrick, Deborah P Kolodji, Hannah Mahoney, H. F. Noyes, and Tom Sacramona. As well, we bring you a summary of the 1st Symposium on English-language Haiku held in Platteville, Wisconsin in 1967, thought to be the first haiku symposium of its kind. Also featured this month is a basic writing guide from the early 1970s — About Haiku — by American poet Truth Mary Fowler (1907-2000) whose bio is forthcoming.

We welcome your feedback and involvement. If you have suggestions, comments, or note any errors, please contact the editors using the Haikupedia Contact Box. We look forward to reading your reactions to and ideas for this important project!

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