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THF Weekly Haiku Puzzler #113

This week’s puzzler:

Type the solution into the box.

Last week’s puzzler:

Safaris can be dangerous; by all accounts, he was devoured. (5)

And its solution:

Garry Eaton

Contestants who got the correct answer were (in order received): Polona Oblak, Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Roberta Beary, Sheila Sondik, Susan Constable, Christina Sng, John Stevenson, Aalix Roake, Helen Buckingham, Peggy Bilbro, Rumple Stiltskin (aka Gary Eaton).

Need some help? Check out our Puzzler Hints.


krumins_anitanotepaperAnita Krumins, former Assistant Editor of Frogpond, hosts the weekly cryptic haiku puzzler every Tuesday on Troutswirl, The Haiku Foundation blog.

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