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THF Volunteer Appreciation Day 2022

Second Annual Haiku Foundation Volunteer Appreciation Day

September 17, 2022 marks our second celebration of THF Volunteer Appreciation Day. The Haiku Foundation’s Board of Directors extends a heartfelt Thank You! to all who have offered their time, energy, and expertise: committee chairs and members; hosts, editors and guest editors for current and past features, Haikupedia, and Juxtapositions; those who work in the background to maintain THFโ€™s website; coordinators and judges of the annual Touchstone Awards; and those of us who oversee the work of the Foundation as officers and board members. You can find a complete record of all our volunteers on our Service list. (If you note any omissions, please let us know.)

In the spirit of celebrating our vibrant haiku community, this year we are repaying the hard work of our volunteers with an anthology showcasing their poetry, Our Garden: The Haiku Foundation Volunteer Anthology 2022. All past and present volunteers were eligible to participate. In addition to the online version, you can purchase a print version here.


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  1. A wonderful collection that includes people who have been at the heart of the English language haiku community for some time. Thanks to the editing team for a classy anthology.

  2. A wonderful initiative and very special to be able to put faces to names. Thank you to THF which is all those volunteers that provide the world wide haiku community with so many opportunities to grow their haiku knowledge and writing.

  3. I sincerely thank Jim, Julie, and Theresa for such an excellent anthology. Indeed there are beautiful flowers in the garden to enjoy. I enjoyed reading the submissions and interactions as a panelist for the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems as well as Guest-editor of Per Diem. I record my indebtedness to Jim Kacian and Bob Scott for their appreciation. My special thanks to Garry Eaton for appreciating and archiving my article, “Hainka: A Fusion of Haiku and Tanka” in the Haiku Foundation Digital Library.

  4. A wonderful anthology! Appreciate everyone’s work and works. Thank you all for your dedication to THF.

  5. It is always a delight to volunteer for and to participate in different activities here. A very safe place for learning and just very very engaging. An anthology is a terrific idea. Thanks Jim for all your efforts.

  6. This anthology is a lovely idea. Congratulations to all involved, and to Theresa for this post!

    Many thanks to Jim and Julie Bloss Kelsey as editors who contacted everyone and allowed us all to choose a haiku we’d like to be remembered by. I’ve enjoyed reading through each of the participant’s haiku, and am grateful to those who’ve done so much work ‘behind the scenes’ over time, such as , for instance, Garry Eaton (deceased), an intelligent, honest and straightforward person who I had a lot of contact with, both when he was posting his haiku on forums and when he was working as Librarian on THF. It is good to remember such people.
    I have now contacted Jim and Julie as editors of ‘Our Garden’ concerning an oversight in relation acknowledgements re the Renku Sessions in this anthology:
    (74) Linda Papanicolaou and (81) Kala Ramesh are both acknowledged as: “Content Provider, THF Renku Sessions”, but neither Sandra Simpson nor myself have been acknowledged as such, which is , I think, an unfortunate
    I trust that someone who’s technically savvy will be able to correct this oversight by adding “Content Provider, THF Renku Sessions” to both Sandra’s and my part in this very welcome anthology.

  7. I enjoyed my time as a panelist for the book awards as well as editor of a Per Diem. I’m honored to be included along with so many other wonderful people/poets. And thank you for the appreciation!

  8. What a lovely anthology of haiku. So nice to see the faces alongside the names. Congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers. I appreciate all your work behind the scenes and look forward to hearing more about the print version.

  9. Delighted to have volunteered for seven years and ending up as head moderator.

    I will enjoy dipping in and out of the anthology, thanks to the editors! ๐Ÿ™‚

    A salute to my first moderator boss! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I served with Laura Sherman (head moderator) who brought more than the bare bones of the Code of Conduct that made the forums a safe, friendly, and inclusive place, where both myself and Don Baird worked closely with Laura. When Laura left, Don took over, and when Don left it was down to me. When I stood down, often monitoring the forums for 12-16 hours in its early days, but less so in later years, I then highly recommended the very safe, fun, and very friendly hands of Marion Clarke! Deep bow too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    What a journey! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Another deep bow to Laura when we needed a woman to make the forums a fun, engaging, safe, inclusive, and fun place to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Laura Sherman:


    first snow
    she pockets a large carrot
    for later use

    โ€” Laura Sherman
    Across the Haikuverse, No. 5: Too Much Homework Edition

    warmest regards,

    Alan Summers,
    Moderator, and then Head Moderator:
    The Haiku Foundation Forums (2010 – 2016)

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