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THF Volunteer Appreciation Day 2021

First Annual Haiku Foundation Volunteer Appreciation Day

Today marks the first official “THF Volunteer Appreciation Day.” The Haiku Foundation’s Board of Directors extends a heartfelt Thank You! to all who have offered their time and expertise towards the smooth working of THF’s site and beyond: committee chairs; the hosts, editors and guest editors for current and past features, Haikupedia, as well as Juxtapositions; those who work in the background to maintain THF’s website; and the coordinators and judges of the annual Touchstone Awards. You can find their names in our services list on the donations page. If you note any omissions, please let us know by using the Contact box. We would like to recognize all past and present volunteer service and strive to include all contributors.

In the spirit of celebrating our vibrant haiku community, this year we would like to repay the hard work of our volunteers with an anthology showcasing their poetry. All past and present volunteers will be contacted in the coming weeks with complete details. We hope to publish an online version of the anthology sometime in early 2022. A print version will also be available.

Next year, we plan to celebrate our volunteers over a full week in September through interviews, a feature page that focuses on volunteering for The Haiku Foundation, and awards. All of this is in development, so we ask for your patience and continued support.


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  1. Thank you, Ellen, for your valued service! Your name (“Ellen Olinger”) is included on the “service” list, alphabetically by last name.
    Kind regards,

  2. What a splendid surprise today! Thank you very much, for this! I’m keeping my eye on Haiku Registry.
    Could you kindly please edit my name from Chocilawska to Chocilowska?
    Best wishes and thanks,
    Stay safe,
    Marta Chocilowska

    1. Thank you for noting that correction needed to you name, Marta. It is now fixed.
      Best regards,

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