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THF Touchstone Gardens

The Haiku Foundation has been presenting The Touchstone Distinguished Books Award, and The Touchstone Award for Individual Poems, since 2011. Our Touchstones have made their way all around the world, and have quickly become the benchmark for excellence in the field. Many of our recipients have shared their Touchstone locations with us. The result is The Touchstone Gardens, wherein we offer you a glimpse of these sites, in hopes of inspiring you to strive for your own Touchstones. Enjoy!

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 26 – December 6, and help the Foundation continue its important work. And visit our Gift Shop to get cool haiku gifts in return for making your donation. Thank you.




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  1. I certainly agree w/ Grace!

    Fascinating to see the varied placements.

    Jim — the URL isn’t “hot” for link to the pictures. I copied and pasted until my browser allowed a peek.

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