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THF Social Media Day

Welcome to The Haiku Foundation’s celebration of Social Media Day, when we shift our attention from “the message” and onto the media themselves: Troutswirl, Twitter, Pinterest, the Forums, YouTube, Facebook are all channels we use to reach out to you, and each member of the haiku community around the world, to share our content, as well as listen to your news.

Social media, a 21st century technological milestone, has been increasingly adopted by the haiku community as one of its main communication platforms, becoming for many of our poets an integral part of their day. The computer ping, signalling the arrival of a new blog post, a Facebook notification, a tweet announcing a feature or the day’s Per Diem: Daily Haiku, has become part of the daily routine, adding to or even replacing the sound of letters dropping through the letterbox. For our part, we listen out for that ping and are grateful to our followers for your support, your Likes and Shares, your comments, news, Repins, and Retweets.

Today, we ask you to join us in engaging with social media in a different way: follow the messenger! Look around our blog Troutswirl, take a seat for our FilmFest and Video Galleries hosted by YouTube, explore our Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter accounts to see where they take you . . . did you know there’s even an Inspiration Pinboard on our Pinterest account? Check out the forums and have a chat with our moderators.

And there’s more! A chance to nominate your favorite THF Film for the THF public choice award: let us know the title of your favorite from our Galleries. Any film, in any category you find in our Galleries (Readings, Haiga, Master clips, Interviews, Reports, Lectures; HaikuLife) and HaikuLife, is up for voting. Tell us the title in a comment to this blog post. Cast your vote from November 29 to December 6 only. The winning film will be announced at the end of the Fundraising period.

We hope our Social Media Day will lead you to paths you haven’t taken before: Beginner in haiku? Stroll around the Education Resources; we have a How to Haiku Book for you and Lesson Plans to download. Old hand? Leaf through our Online Essay Collection in the Digital Library; enjoy an afternoon browsing the History of Haiku from our World of Haiku series.

If you are not doing so already, please Like our Facebook page, and review it using the star rating system; follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and register with our Forums. And don’t go away before downloading the free iTunes Haiku App!

We wish you a refreshing and inspiring THF Social Media Day!

P.S. We remind you that it’s never too early to be thinking about your HaikuLife projects for the upcoming International Haiku Poetry Day, April 17, 2016. You can find details on the various kinds of films we’re looking to feature on the HaikuLife home page.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 26 – December 6, and help the Foundation continue its important work. And visit our Gift Shop to get cool haiku gifts in return for making your donation. Thank you.




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