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THF Reports: National Haiku Poetry Day in Washington DC

Check out the celebration of NHPD in the nation’s capital, and then read about the way other people around the country enjoyed the event.

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  1. A wonderful reading and beautiful video. Good to get a sense of many events and will read more closely. I loved seeing the art by students too.

    Thank you. A real blessing this evening.

  2. thanks to Jim Kacian for the cool video! the Washington DC area haiku poets had a great time at National Haiku Poetry Day 2013, thanks to the hard work of towpath haiku poets Ellen Compton and Kristen Deming.

  3. Many thanks to the Towpath poets for sharing these beautiful tidbits from what must have been a pretty awesome gathering. This too-brief video brought tears to my eyes as I watched and listened. Those of you who can easily drive or even walk to such events are so lucky. Juneau seems a million miles away, especially since I don’t get anywhere near aircraft of any kind. Gary and I are taking one last road trip this year, so I hope every haiku poet still breathing will be aboard the Queen Mary in August for Haiku North America. –Billie

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