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THF Publications: Selected Haiku of Cor van den Heuvel

THF Publications is pleased to release at the top of the ferris wheel: Selected Haiku of Cor van den Heuvel as the third volume in its publication history (following Donna Bauerly’s comprehensive biography Raymond Roseliep: Man of Art Who Loved the Rose in 2015, and Montage: The Book, edited by Allan Burns, and still the largest and, we think, most beautiful haiku anthology in English, in 2010). This new volume is an omnium gatherum of van den Heuvel’s Chant Press chapbooks, as well as several other collections from the years 1961 – 2017. This includes Cor’s groundbreaking work in Baseball Haiku, and his extended haibun memoir A Boy’s Seasons, among many others. Tracking Cor’s progress through English-language haiku is like a history lesson on the development of the genre, and all students and lovers of haiku will want a copy. This, and all THF books, make excellent gifts for any haiku lover, and are exclusively available from The Haiku Foundation. Get your copies in the THF Gift Shop.

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  1. THF Publications are excellent, and I too look forward to this new book by Cor van den Heuvel.

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