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THF Monthly Kukai — April 2020

Welcome to the THF Monthly Kukai!

This month’s theme:


The THF Kukai Overview

A kukai is a (usually quite casual) poetry contest. The administrator of the kukai (that’s us) assigns a theme for a given writing period and posts to Troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation blog) on the THF site, which is then redirected outward through our various media outlets. Poets write work to this theme during the allotted time and submit it to the administrator. The work submitted is gathered into an anonymous roster and posted to Troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation blog) for public viewing. At that time all participating poets and other interested readers may vote for their favorites. Votes are tallied and the results made public. Ten winners will be acknowledged each month, and offered their choice of prizes from a list compiled by the Foundation.

Writing for The Haiku Foundation Monthly Kukai

On or about the first day of each month The Haiku Foundation will announce the kukai theme for that month. This theme should be the topic of your poem(s), and may be stated (by using the theme word or words) or implied. Form may be traditional (three-line, 5-7-5) or free (various numbers of lines and/or syllables). Season words (kigo) may or may not be used at the poet’s discretion. A poet may submit no more than three (3) poems per theme. All poems must be the original, unpublished work of the author. All submissions must be sent via The Haiku Foundation’s dedicated kukai email address using the subject line KUKAI SUBMISSION. No other submissions will be recognized or honored. Once a poem is submitted it cannot be revised. All poems must be signed (that is, no “anonymous” poems will be accepted). Poets will not receive acknowledgment of their submissions. Poems will be accepted from the announcement of the theme through midnight of the 15th of that month. All poets are eligible to participate. Aadministrators of the kukai are ineligible to submit poems. Your submission email to us should look something like this:


line one
   followed by line two
      and then line three
[second line indented 3 spaces; third line indented 6 spaces]


this poem is all in one line


line one
followed by line two
and then line three


If your poems have special formatting requirements you should note them as above.

Good luck, and have fun!


This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Is it imperative for one’s name and place of residence to be all in capital letters?

  2. Kukai Email address is not available directly- it would be better to make it available without registering and other process with another site

  3. So glad you’ve organized this!
    I’m a bit confused about the justification guidelines (especially the right-justified). I’ve almost always written haiku left-justified, like Carol’s above, which I think is quite common. Is that not ok?


    1. Before I do anything else, I too will be waiting for a reply to your question, Judt.

    2. I’m also a bit confused about the justification.
      Thanks John, for organizing this. When we used to do this on the WHC listserve, the response was always amazing. I loved it. As did so many others. Thanks again!

  4. I don’t think the link to the kukai email address is working. Could you check please.


      1. Gosh, what is it? The link doesn’t work for me as I don’t download emails etc…
        But no worries, I’d rather read haiku by others anyway! 🙂

        1. When you leave your cursor on the red text, an email address appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. You have to memorise it though because if you try to copy it the dagnabit thing disappears. I think this is a test. 🙂

    1. Hi Carol.
      Did you intend to make this public?
      Entries are through the Kukai email address. (In red)

      1. Rob, I could kick myself.
        I read all the instructions, pottered about with my first verse.
        A delivery and two phone calls later I got back to it.
        I think placing a verse in the reply box has become the norm, and off I went not once but twice, before remembering it should be sent by mail only.
        I sent a message via the contact box, and ‘good as gold’ my second post was deleted, but the first remained. Thank goodness for the wonderful people behind the screen, not the first time I’ve made a massive error.
        This one is in the bin.
        Never mind, maybe this will be a reminder to anyone else that gets distracted, so easy at the moment 🙂
        Thanks Rob.

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