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THF Interview with Catherine Mair, founder of the Haiku Pathway

Catherine Mair is a woman with a vision. She is almost single-handedly responsible for the creation of the Haiku Pathway in Katikati, New Zealand, arguably the most important physical monument to English-language haiku in the world. Here she discourses on what brought her to haiku, along with the driving forces that brought her to initiate this special project. Jim Kacian interviewed Mair at her home in Katikati during the Aotearoa Haiku Festival in June of 2012. Video by Jim Kacian.

This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. Cool. I like the idea of walking along the path, seeing boulders alongside it, and then coming across one where you notice that there’s writing. Suddenly, a haiku.

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