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THF Haiku: Our New iPhone App

We’re happy to announce THF Haiku, The Haiku Foundation’s app for the Apple iPhone!

THF Haiku brings contemporary haiku to your mobile device with a shake of your hand—literally. Shake your phone or other mobile device and a new poem appears. The app is loaded with 365 haiku from poets around the globe, showing the range of topics and form characteristic of today’s haiku. Additional poem packets soon to be available.

Many thanks to our app developer, Luke Bradford. Some of you might recall Luke’s first haiku app, Haiku Time, a haiku generator that generated quite a few comments on our blog.

You can download THF Haiku from the App Store on your Apple device.

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  1. My brother in law has the new generation iPhone so I enjoyed browsing through some of them.

    I even found eight of my own haiku on there!

    There was even a part of a verse by Philip Larking my project was given permission by Faber and Faber, and the Society of Authors to make into a renga verse for Hull Global Renga. 😉


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