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THF Haiku Crypto-Quiz

At Haiku North America 2009, in Ottawa, Anita Krumins, then Assistant Editor of Frogpond, offered a challenge to participants in the form of a series of cryptic puzzles. Each of 62 clues led to the surname of a poet or editor involved with English-language or contemporary world haiku. A number in parenthesis following the clue told how many letters were to be found in this surname, and the clues followed the usual standards of cryptic puzzles — they were anagrams, synonyms, anagrams of synonyms, puns, embedded words, and so on.

Here’s an example:

The clue is: “We hear he is able with a spy agency at his center. (6)” In cryptics, the phrases “we hear” or “on the radio” signify a word that does not necessarily correspond to the spelling (therefore, a homophone). The spy agency “at his center” is the CIA (but of course could be FBI, or MI6, or some other as well). And the (6) tells us there are 6 letters in the solution. So we “hear” he is able — in this case, “can”; which surrounds a spy agency — in this case, the CIA. So the pieces are “can” surrounding “CIA” totaling 6 letters. The solution is none other than THF president Jim Kacian: [Ka – (CIA) – n].

We have resurrected a version of this puzzle — which includes haiku terms and Japanese poets along with those categories listed above — for your pleasure during The Haiku Foundation 2015 fundraiser. Please fill in the answers on the interactive form and submit them when done (your responses are private and will not appear on the site). The first person to return a complete and correct set of answers wins a copy of the Foundation’s new publication Raymond Roseliep: Man of Art who Loves the Rose, Donna Bauerly’s masterful biography of this seminal haiku poet. Good luck!

Type the poet's name into the box.

In addition, Anita will host a weekly cryptic haiku puzzler every Tuesday beginning next week. Look for it on Troutswirl, The Haiku Foundation blog.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 26 – December 6, and help the Foundation continue its important work. And visit our Gift Shop to get cool haiku gifts in return for making your donation. Thank you.




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