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THF Haiku App Expanded and Updated for Mobile Devices

Good News!

The Haiku Foundation’s proprietary haiku app for Apple platform, THF Haiku, has been expanded to incorporate all the poems that appeared in Per Diem: Daily Haiku during 2014. That brings the total to more than 1500 poems now stored on the app. Each time the app is opened, a new poem is randomly selected to appear, and a new poem can be had by pressing the selector button, or merely by shaking your phone or mobile device. We hope the addition of 365 new poems will make the app more fun and pleasing than ever.

What do I need to do?

If your phone or mobile device runs iOS6 or earlier: nothing. The upgrade is effective only on devices that run iOS7 or iOS8.

If your phone or mobile device runs iOS7 or iOS8: log in to the App Store to download the app for either iPhone or iPad.

But there’s more—the THF Haiku App Mini-Review Contest!

Once you’ve checked out the new app, tell us what you think. Bloggers: write a review (up to 100 words) and post it on your blog, adding the link to the app. Tell us (using the Contact Form) that you’ve done so, providing the url of your review blog post. THF will choose the best review, and announce and feature the result on Troutswirl, The Haiku Foundation blog. The winner receives a copy of Montage: The Book, edited by Allan Burns. The contest runs from today to March 21, 2015. Good luck!

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  1. This new expanded app is terrific. Great job!
    I do hope that you can pass along to whomever is in charge that the poem “my father,” attributed to me, is not mine. I hope you can find its proper home and attribute it to its correct author. Thanks so much.
    Carolyn Hall

    1. Hi Jyotindra (and you other Android users):

      Thanks for your query. We have, of course, considered offering the THF Haiku app for Android as well. This is a question we get asked every year after we update the app, but only by one or two people. We would offer the app for Android if our programmer worked with that platform, but he does not. Also, our informal research has indicated a very small percentage of our target audience uses Android. And in pricing the cost of hiring a coder against the number of requests we have received and the income generated from it (which would be zero, as we don’t charge for it) we have decided it would be an unwise expenditure for us. If we had a donor who earmarked money for such a project, we would do it, but until that time, I’m afraid we’re likely only to offer this on Apple platform. Sorry.

      Jim Kacian

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