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THF Fundraiser 2018

organizationThe Haiku Foundation thanks its generous patrons for their continuing support. But it’s not too late to aid the cause, and by doing so you can benefit from our extraordinary sale. From (American) Thanksgiving through St. Nicholas’s Day (December 6) we are offering every item in the THF Gift Shop at half price! (Additional shipping charges will be added for shipments outside the United States.) Help us finish the year with a bang, and get a haiku Christmas gift (and maybe even something for yourself!) in return. Please donate during this year’s THF Fundraiser.

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  1. Hi,
    Wanted to send a small donation. But didn’t find Russia among countries of the card issuer. Just Reunion, Rumania. Rwanda and Republic of Congo…(second page”Donate now” with a card)
    ??? Is it also under sanctions?? Or hopefully, am I so inadequate with these things( which is true)?
    Anyhow, my appreciation of your work remains intact
    Thank you for what your are doing,
    Wth seasonal greetings, N,K.

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