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THF Celebration Fortnight 2023 — Day 7

organizationThe Haiku Foundation thanks its generous patrons from Thanksgiving to St. Nicholas’s Day with special presentations of work accomplished during the past year, and invites everyone to contribute to our continuing success by donating during our Fundraiser.
THF Fact of the Day: In 2023 The Haiku Foundation added scores of new poets to the THF Haiku Registry, along with basic information about each poet, contact information, and a selection of their recent work. The Haiku Registry is administered by Marta Chocilowska.
THF Video of the Day:
Patricia McGuire: An Interview with Tyrone McDonald
THF Shorts of the Day:
Corine Timmer: Ebb and Flow
David Levy: Bright Moon
THF Gift Shop Sale: All Items Half Price throughout the THF Fundraiser.
Did You Know? Fewer than a dozen donors have contributed more that three-quarters of our financial resources over the years. In 2023 The Haiku Foundation realized dozens of important achievements for haiku on a budget not even halfway to the poverty line. Imagine what we could do with real resources. You can help us make this come true. Please consider donating to this year’s THF Fundraiser.
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