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The Touchstone Awards

The Haiku Foundation, as part of its mission to expand possibilities for English-language haiku, created the Touchstone Awards Series in 2010. The goal: to reward excellence and innovation in the haiku genre. The Awards recognize work published during award years. The results are determined through a year-long nomination and selection process, and are released in April of the following year. Award recipients are selected by independent panels comprised of recognized authorities in the field.

We are currently accepting nominations for the Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards 2011, and for the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems 2011. Please follow the links below for information on how to submit nominations.

(You will find the panelist profiles have been updated, with one exception: Janice Bostok, the grande dame of Australian haiku, whose influence is international, recently passed away. She is still represented on the page devoted to the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems. We will update the page as soon as the panel is complete.)

You can see the results of the Touchstone Awards 2010 here:

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