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The Renku Sessions: Tan-Renga Week 5a


My apologies. I thought that I would be able to prepare a new posting for today while traveling and attending the Seabeck Haiku Getaway  but I’ve overestimated my abilities in that regard. A new post will appear here next Thursday. In the meantime, thank you for your great offerings. I look forward to giving them the attention they deserve.

With best wishes, always,






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  1. the measure of time
    in light of hopeful words
    a body rests……………………………mva

    waking ten hours later
    nothing from her still

    a long night’s vigil
    relief comes with the dawn

    after tough bargaining
    we go home satisfied

  2. if haiku must wait
    please ask nature to send falls
    bloom by snail mail

    Failing which we’ll sing
    malgré ‘Les Feuilles d’Automne’.

  3. Thank you dear John, still remember us all ❤️ enjoy your journey with a new face that is fresher and more energetic..younger in your busy life

  4. Thanks, John, for letting us know.
    Enjoy your travelling and the Seabeck haiku getaway. I’ve always loved the idea of those and what I’ve heard about them makes me wish I lived closer to there.

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