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The Renku Sessions: Number 9

renku_300The Haiku Foundation has been fortunate in benefiting from the generosity of a number of individuals willing to take upon themselves the effort and responsibility of leading renku sessions on this site. As a result, we have now completed eight sessions and look forward to a ninth.

Unfortunately, the person scheduled to take up the challenge this time has had to decline after all due to family responsibilities. So, we will begin with a call for a volunteer to run our ninth session – a twelve verse session, which should take us to the beginning of December, after which we will regroup and make plans for 2019. Please contact me at if you would like to consider accepting this task or if you would, at least, like to discuss the possibility.

In creating this feature for The Haiku Foundation, one of our aims was to present a number of versions of renku – not only different forms but different theories about what is most valuable in renku, how it is practiced among Japanese poets, and how it might be adapted for English-language participants. While we have benefited from the scholarly approach of several session leaders, we would not want that to be taken as a requirement and, thus, a discouragement to others who may have enthusiasm and fresh ideas to offer. If you would like to give this a try, please contact me.

We will begin again, next Thursday, with a report on new leadership and either a hokku or a call for hokku.

In the meantime, please use the “Leave a Reply” box below to provide your comments on Linda’s excellent work in leading our most recent session, on any of the other sessions, and/or on the renku feature generally.

With best wishes to all,
John Stevenson

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  1. Hi John

    I too have enjoyed participating in two renkus this year, and have learnt a lot from Lorin and Linda. Do you know when the imachi will have a title and be archived?

    Best wishes


    1. I have answered my own question – Linda has updated the Imachi with the information!

      1. Pauline, guess I’m a little slow…

        Where do I find this update?? I don’t see anywhere on the blog the home page to access it!


  2. Dear John,
    I sincerely believe someone will volunteer as Sabaki. Indeed I enjoyed immensely during poetic journey led by Lorin Ford and Linda. The poetic pursuit portrayed by THF is a milestone in the literature of Haiku World. I wish the light of journey to glitter all times to come.

    With gratitude

    1. So far, the role of sabaki has mostly been performed on this site by people who already had extensive experience with it. Lorin Ford was brave enough to try it here, even though she felt that she did not have that kind of experience. The site provides opportunities for poets who are new to renku to try it out but I would also like to see it serve as a laboratory for poets to explore the role of sabaki. I can guarantee that they would receive my full support and I suspect they would receive full support from many others who have taken part in this feature over the past four years.

  3. I love renku! It’s like a little morsel at the back of my mind that I can choose to chew on anytime. Thanks for offering it, and thanks to all sabaki who have stepped up. I have really enjoyed Linda’s leadership. Here’s hoping that role will be filled soon for our next go-round.


    1. Thank you, Judt. I am certain that we will be going on. Would love to see a new sabaki step up.

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